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Japan Bank, Internet Banking Account Opening

You can apply for Japanese bank account opening procedures online, which is very suitable for friends who are afraid to speak Japanese directly to the Japanese bank staff. As long as you fill in the required information for account opening online, take a photo of your identity document (residence card), signature or seal, and upload it through the dedicated app, you can complete the account opening procedure of Shinsei Bank. About a week after completing the account opening procedure, you will receive an ATM card, password card, and instructions for using online banking.

Whether it is an international student or a social worker, as long as you are a foreigner who has just come to live in Japan, you should encounter situations where you must open a bank account. What I want to introduce to you this time are the documents, procedures and methods of contract termination required to open an account in a Japanese bank.


Can foreigners also open a bank account in Japan?


When living in Japan, bank accounts are often used, such as salary remittance, automatic transfer of rent and utility bills, foreign outbound and inward remittance, and scholarship collection.

Among them, in the payment of "rent and utility bills", there are occasional cases where cash can be paid directly to the landlord or management company, or self-remittance, etc., but most of them are paid by automatic bank account transfer. In addition, some places will require tenants to have a bank account before they are willing to rent out the house.

Not only that, it is actually quite dangerous to keep a large amount of cash at home, so when living in Japan, it is better to open a Japanese bank account to be safer.


Even if you are a foreigner, you can open an account with a Japanese bank that accepts foreign remittances, as long as you meet the following conditions.


〇 Those who have stayed in Japan for more than 6 months for the purpose of working or studying abroad

〇 Those who have obtained a resident card


Even if you stay in Japan for less than 6 months, you can still open an account at a bank such as "Post Bank (ゆうちょ Bank)" as long as you have an address in Japan. However, if you open an account under the above circumstances, you may not be able to use services such as foreign remittances, so you must pay more attention when handling it.

If you find that you can’t accept foreign remittances after opening an account, it will be one of the first two, so remember to confirm in detail when opening an account.


By the way, if you are a short-term visitor (less than 90 days) who entered the country with a tourist visa, etc., you cannot open a bank account because you cannot obtain a residence card and a resident certificate.


The above are the basic conditions for opening an account in a bank. As for the details of opening an account, it will vary from bank to bank. It is recommended that you apply to several banks.


If you have a job in Japan, it will be easier to pass when you open an account. If you have already accepted a job in Japan, just ask the company's undertaker to accompany you to the bank or open a proof that it is a salary transfer account, even if you have not lived in Japan. More than 6 months can also be accepted, it is recommended that you ask the company first.


What are the characteristics of Japanese banks?


Before introducing the method of opening an account, I would like to introduce the characteristics of the Bank of Japan to you. Generally speaking, banks in Japan are not open on weekends and holidays. Therefore, you may be charged a separate fee when using the ATM on days when the bank is closed or outside of business hours.


In addition to opening the door, you must have a "seal" when handling the automatic transfer of telephone bills, utility bills, and rent, or when you terminate the contract. In Japan, the seal must be used whenever it is an important business occasion, when renting a house, or when going through formalities at a public institution.

You can order seals at seal specialty stores, hardware department stores, stationery stores, etc. It is recommended that after you come to Japan, it is best to order your own seal immediately, or bring it directly from Taiwan.

The seal required for bank account opening is not strict in terms of regulations, only the seal of the first or last name can be used to open an account. And it can be used for both direct printing and horizontal printing. However, in order to avoid being counterfeited, it is better to use a more complicated font for the seal. It is recommended that when you order it, it is best to inform the store that it is to open a bank account. It may take several weeks for some stores to make a seal. If it is to be used for opening an account, it is recommended to order it as soon as possible.


Which bank to choose? Banks suitable for foreigners to open accounts

Banks in Japan can be roughly divided into two types, one is a physical storefront bank with a physical storefront, and the other is an online bank that does not have a physical storefront and only conducts online transactions through its own company's ATM. There are some differences between online banking and general brick-and-mortar storefront banking. The following is a brief introduction to its features.


"Characteristics of Internet Banking"

・There is no need to bear the cost of personnel and maintenance of the store, so the handling fee is relatively cheap

・The deposit interest rate is higher than that of the brick-and-mortar bank

・You can check the balance, remittance and autopay records through the Internet

・As long as there is an Internet connection, you can use its services anytime, anywhere

・Online account opening (some banks do not have this service)


Here are a few banks that are suitable for foreigners to open an account.


Postal Savings Bank (Brick-and-mortar storefront bank)


For foreigners, the Postal Savings Bank is the bank with the lowest threshold for opening an account. As long as you have all the required documents, you can easily open an account at the Postal Savings Bank. Also, Japan Post Bank provides services in multiple languages, so you don't have to worry if your Japanese is not good.


※The Japan Post Bank is easier than other banks to open an account, but before the period of stay in Japan is less than 6 months, you may only be able to use the deposit and withdrawal functions, but not the remittance and other functions. In order to avoid the situation that overseas remittance cannot be accepted, be sure to confirm the account opening regulations in detail when opening an account!


(1) Required documents... Resident card, student or employee ID card, seal

(2) The time required to open an account...depending on the busyness of the banking business.

(3) Available ATMs... The Japan Post Bank, Seven Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, etc.

(4) ATM withdrawal fee... There is no fee for withdrawing money from Japan Post Bank ATMs (limited to business hours. Business hours vary by region).

(5) Foreign inward remittance fee...Adjusted according to the intermediary bank and exchange rate.

(6) Overseas remittance fee...3,000 yen (Internet banking), 7,500 yen (physical storefront window).


Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (Brick-and-mortar Bank)


Mitsubishi UFJ Bank is one of the largest banks in Japan. There are branches all over Japan, and the reliability and stability are also excellent.


(1) Required documents...Identification (resident card, passport, special permanent resident certificate, etc.), seal

(2) Time required for account opening…about one week

(3) Available ATMs…Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Seven Bank, Japan Post Bank, etc.

(4) ATM withdrawal fee...Withdrawal from the ATM of Mitsubishi UFJ Bank is free from 8:45 to 21:00 every day. Other times from 110 yen.

(5) Foreign inward remittance fee...0.05% of the inward remittance amount (minimum 2,500 yen)

(6) Overseas remittance fee: 2,500 yen (online banking), 7,000 yen (physical storefront window) when remittance to overseas branches. Remittance to other banks will add 500 yen.


Shinsei Bank (Internet Banking)

Shinsei Bank is one of the easiest banks for foreigners to open an account, and it provides English services.


(1) Required documents...Photocopy of residence card or special permanent resident certificate + resident certificate (original)

(2) Account opening time...about two weeks

(3) Available ATMs... Shinsei Bank, Seven Bank, Lawson ATM, Japan Post Bank, etc.

(4) ATM withdrawal fee: 110 yen each time

(5) Foreign inward and remittance fee...substantially free of charge ※Conditional restrictions apply

(6) Foreign outgoing remittance fee...2,000 yen + 0.1% of the outgoing remittance amount (minimum 1,500 yen)


GMO Aozora Internet Banking (Internet Banking)

GMO Aozora Internet Banking offers a variety of foreign currency services. Interest on foreign currency deposits may be higher than interest on Japanese currency deposits.


(1) Required documents... Resident card or special permanent resident certificate + passport

(2) Account opening time...about three to four weeks

(3) Available ATMs…SEVEN Bank, AEON Bank, Japan Post Bank

(4) ATM withdrawal fee... 2 to 15 times a month, free of charge for 24 hours depending on the membership level. After that it is 110 yen each time.

(5) Foreign inward remittance fee...Cannot be remitted from abroad

(6) Foreign outgoing remittance fee...Cannot remit money abroad ※You can remit money through other cooperative services


Choose a bank to open an account now! What documents are required to open an account?


As mentioned above, the documents required to open an account vary from bank to bank. The main documents required when opening an account are as follows. It is recommended that you write down the name first.


・パスポート (pasupo-to) (passport)

・Residence カード (zairyu ka-do) (Residence Card)

・Student ID (gakusei shou) (student ID)

・Employee ID (syain shou) (employee ID)

・Health insurance card (kenkou hoken shou) (health insurance card)

・Special Permanent Resident Certificate (tokubetsu eijyuusha shoumeisho) (Special Permanent Resident Certificate)

・Transportation Exemption Permit (untenmenkyo shou) (driver's license)

・Resident card (zyuumin hyou) (resident card)

・Common bill of payment (koukyou ryoukin mesaisho) (details of public utility bills, such as utility bills, gas bills)

・Inkan (seal)


Account opening process

The following is a brief introduction to the process of going to the bank to open an account.


(1) Go to the bank where you want to open an account


It is recommended to open a bank account close to your home, school or company. If you go too far to open an account, you may be rejected.


(2) Apply to the window for opening an account


There will be a counter and several windows in the bank. Each window is responsible for different business, remember to go to the window responsible for opening an account to apply. If you do not know which account opening window is available, you can ask the nearby staff or service personnel. If there are a lot of people in line, you may be asked to pick up a number plate and wait.


▼Useful Japanese when opening an account


"Bank 口za を作りたいです" (ginko-ko-za wo tsukuritaidesu) (I want to open an account)

"どこの媓口にいけばいいですか?" (dokono madoguchi ni ikeba iidesuka?) (Which window should I go to to open an account?)


(3) Fill in the application form and submit the required documents

The staff at the window will ask you to fill in the account opening application form and hand in the required documents. It is recommended that you think about the password for your account first.


(4) Receive passbook


After completing the application form and submitting all required documents, if there is no problem, you can obtain an account on the spot and receive a passbook on the same day. ATM cards will be sent by post (some banks can pick them up on the same day). After receiving the passbook, you can leave.


Do you want to terminate the contract when you return home?

Remember to cancel the contract before returning home. If you return home without canceling the contract...


・After a certain period of time, the deposit in the account cannot be withdrawn

・Account management fee charged


The above situations may be encountered. Bank accounts cannot be terminated from abroad, so remember to do so while the person is still in Japan. Don't forget to bring your passbook, ATM card, proof of identity (resident card, passport, etc.) and seal when you cancel the contract. If you cancel the contract through the window or the Internet, you can complete it on the same day as long as you have all the required documents; if it is processed by post, it may take two weeks, so you must pay more attention. If you apply for automatic transfer of public utility fees such as water bills and tile bills, you will miss the payment if you cancel the contract before the automatic transfer, so remember to apply for cancellation after deduction.


The above is the basic information of the Bank of Japan, as well as the method of opening an account and canceling the contract. Although the procedures for opening an account are complicated, as long as you refer to this article, understand the key points when opening an account with a Japanese bank and practice in advance, you should be able to successfully open an account.


The information in this article is subject to the time of publication.

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