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Japan is about to rise

After the real estate market reached its peak in 1991, Japan experienced a thirty-year recession period. During the thirty years, Japanese companies have contributed a lot by investing and setting up factories in China instead of Japan -  the main reason for Japan's recession. China's open-door policy yields its economic boom. According to the data from the State Statistics Bureau of China, the GDP has grown 217.45 times from 1978 to 2017.


Now, history has come to a turning point.


We believe Japan is an excellent destination for the high-end industrial chain capitals due to a stable and lawful social structure and high-end talents. Moreover, the vast fortune accumulated during the thirty years in China inherently has its demand to invest overseas. Especially during the epidemic period, many foreign capitals have been rapidly evacuating from China.


In addition, the currency rate of JPY has decreased a lot, and it will continue to drop momentarily. The exchange rate of JPY and USD is 103.74 in January 2021. It falls to 129.40 by the end of April 2022. It will facilitate the exports of Japan, and it will decrease the cost of the capital and industries moving into Japan.


Last but not least, China is transitioning into a recession period. The aggressive monetary policy and the over-dependent practices in the real estate market have ended. The unemployed population will increase for the younger generations.


On the contrary, the Japanese government has issued a series of policies to lower the benchmarks to attract young and competent immigrants to tackle the aging and depopulation conundrum. We believe Japan will be one of the best choices for the Chinese to immigrate.


According to the reasons above, we gathered experienced experts from Japan, China, and Hong Kong to found Taiko Co., Ltd.

Our mission is to help investors search for the best return-rate properties in Japan.


Japan is on the verge of rising. We are on board.


And you?

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