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Japan Company Registration

Japan Co., Ltd. mentioned in this quotation. Refers to a company limited by shares incorporated in accordance with Japan's "Corporate Law"

Japanese company registration service

Co., Ltd. registration process and timetable
Generally speaking, it takes about 4 to 5 weeks (excluding bank account opening time) to complete all the relevant company establishment steps.
The time to complete the registration of the body shall be determined by the review time of the Japan Legal Affairs Bureau. described as follows:

Step 1:

The customer submits the registration requirements  to Taiko Real Estate Japan by email, fax, or post.
The material is provided to the firm, and the client shall pay the service fee of the firm at this time.


Step 2:

Taiko Real Estate Japan starts Inquire about the proposed company name and handle the pre-approval of the name.

Step 3:

Arrange to lease Japan address (virtual office or physical office) and notice real estate.

Step 4:

Taiko Real Estate Japan assists in the production of the company's articles of association and registration application documents for the client to sign.

Step 5:

The client will notarize the sworn statement at the notary office where the investor is located.

Step 6:

The customer expresses the signed registration application documents together with the notarized documents to Taiko Real Estate Japan.

Step 7:

Taiko Real Estate Japan starts to arrange produce company seal.

Step 8:

Taiko Real Estate Japan starts to arrange the company's articles of association to be certified by a Japanese notary office.

Step 9:

The investor remits the investment funds to the personal Japanese bank account under the name of the capital receiving agentIn-house, and provide remittance receipts, account passbooks and deposit records and other proofs for us to verify that the funds have arrived in the account

Step 10:

Taiko Real Estate Japan submits the registration application documents to the Japan Legal Affairs Bureau for registration application

Step 11:

The Legal Affairs Bureau of Japan notifies the collection of a copy of the registration certificate and a seal certificate.

Step 12:

Taiko Real Estate Japan arranges to submit the business opening notice and tax related documents to the local tax bureau and metropolitan tax office related documents, and submit the foreign investor’s.This direct investment report is issued, and a copy of the articles of association and a copy of the register of the company shall be submitted to various agencies.

Step 13:

If you choose Taiko's capital receiving agent service, Taiko will arrange to return the capital
To the bank account designated by the customer.

Step 14:

Production of company formation kits and other company registration related documents.

Step 15:

Taiko arranges the address designated by the client to mail the company registration certificate. customers also,You can pick up these documents in person at any of our offices.


1 The above timetable is the budget made by the base travel customer in close cooperation.
2. The above timetable is based on the assumption that the business that the customer intends to operate in Japan does not require a separate permit or license.
If additional permits or licences are required, the time required will be extended accordingly.

Documents obtained by customers after the company is registered
After the company is incorporated, the firm will hand over the following documents to you to prove that the company has completed the registration procedures and to facilitate you
Start doing business in the name of this company:
1. One copy of the Japan Co., Ltd. register;
2. A seal card and seal certificate of Japan Co., Ltd.;
3. A copy of the Articles of Association of Japan Co., Ltd. with the egg record;
4. A copy of the shareholder register of Japan Co., Ltd.,
5. Notification of opening of a Japanese company, tax-related application (notice of opening a salary payment office, etc.,
One copy each of the blue declaration recognition application form, the application form for the special permit for the withholding and payment of income tax payment period, and the legal person establishment certificate
two copies);
• Report on direct investment in Japan by foreign investors from Japan Corporation;
7. The company seal set of Japan Co., Ltd., including a representative director's real seal (that is, the director's personal seal), a corner seal
One (that is, the company prints, which is used for payment requests and invoices, and the bank prints one.
8. Annual maintenance service
After the establishment of Co., Ltd., in accordance with the relevant provisions of Japan's "Corporate Law" ("Company Laws") and "Corporate Tax Law",
All companies in Japan need to prepare year-end financial statements as well as corporate tax, corporate resident tax, corporate business tax, consumer
Tax declarations such as fee tax, fixed asset tax, depreciation asset tax, etc. If required, the firm can provide clients with consultancy services for street and fan business, assist customers in the entry of accounting data, the preparation of various declarations and account details, and the reasonable tax-saving measures. In addition, the firm can also provide customers with employee employment, secondary capital calculation, and business management.
Application services for various basket certificates such as basket certificates and intra-company transfer visas. Please consult the Taiko consultant team

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